Brief Summary of Humble Leadership

In their new book, “Humble Leadership – The Power of Relationships, Openness and Trust” , Edgar Schein and Peter Schein talk of new approaches to leadership which are based more on personal relationships rather than a transactional role relationships.

They talk of 4 levels of relationships that are generally accepted in society and that great leaders exhibit qualities of openness, trust, empathy to being emotionally intimate relationships.

* Level Minus 1
Total impersonal domination and coercion.

* Level 1
Transactional role and rule-based supervision, service and most forms of  professional helping relationships.
Interactions are routine and there are low levels of personal investment

* Level 2
Personal, cooperative, trusting relationships as in friendships and effective teams

* Level 3
Emotionally intimate
Total mutual commitments

This book is a great read for any one who intends to build quality relationships at work. Here is a link to a video where Edgar Schein talks more about Humble Leadership –

Here is a brief summary of the book –> Brief Summary of Humble Leadership