The Coach’s Case Book – Book Summary

The Coach’s Case book – Book Summary

This is a short summary of the book – useful for those who have read the book already,  as a quick recap

The Coach’s Case Book Mastering the 12 traits that trap us,  by Geoff Watts and Kim Morgan, is a must have book for those involved in Coaching.  The twelve traits are

  1. The Imposter syndrome
  2. People Pleasing
  3. Going to Excess
  4. Fierce Independence
  5. Cynicism
  6. Driven by Fear
  7. The Ostrich Syndrome
  8. Perfectionism
  9. Procrastination
  10. Performance Anxiety
  11. Searching for fulfillment
  12. Coping with loss

The book is neatly organized with a case study, the tools and techniques used to manage such traits  followed by an interview with a prominent personality.