What makes a good Agile Coach ?

What are the qualities of an Agile Coach – Here is a quick summary from  nice discussion from Linked In – http://linkd.in/1cFuGMx

i. Good sense of humor

ii. Good listening skills

iii. Be a shepherd

iv. Being adaptive

v. Good knowledge of agile

vi. Passionate

vii. A good coach is a healthy balance of being very knowledgeable and able to lead a team through difficulties with empowering teams to improve themselves 

viii. Be able to read people (comes from listening)

ix. Have battle scars from past projects

x. Staying calm

xi. Keep team focussed

xii. As a coach you deliver through others

xii. Facilitate, Mentor, Train and Coach

xiii. Skills required :  emotional intelligence, analytical frame of mind, out of the box thinking

xiv. Sense of professionalism

xv. Pragmatic / realistic

xvi. Have a neutral point of view – unbiased

xvii. Ability to open people’s eyes – guide them to seek alternatives without really pushing the right answer

xviii. Fearlessness

xix. Honesty