Brief Summary of “Enterprise Agility – Being Agile in a Changing world”

This is a brief summary of “Enterprise Agility – Being Agile in a Changing World” by Sunil Mundra.  Pretty comprehensive book covering the need for Enterprise Agility and different aspects of Enterprise Agility –  Mindset and culture, Leadership, Organization structure, process, people, technology, governance and customer.  Enterprises are considered as a living system and Complex Adaptive Systems are dealt with at length.  This is a great book  to understand the different aspects of Enterprise Agility.

Here is a brief summary of the book  –> Brief Summary of Enterprise Agility

The 10 Core Values of Zappos

I recently read Tony Hsieh’s “Delivering Happiness – A Path to  Passion, Profits and Purpose” and I found it a very inspiring read.  We, in the Agile world often hear of the Zappos culture and values –  which looks very simple from the outside, but very difficult to follow in the real sense of the term.

I have summarised the 10 Core Values which Zappos lives by, in letter and spirit.  Here is a brief summary of those Core Values   —>  The 10 Core Values of Zappos